We sell kegged beer for your upcoming event! Whether it’s a wedding, birthday, graduation, anniversary, or just a special weekend, contact us to get some kegs.

Order ahead to pick up at the pub or arrange delivery. We’re happy to do what we can to make Huff beer part of your celebration!

Current kegs available:

  • Huffmeister Lager (American light lager, 3.8% abv)
    • 7.75 gallon
    • 15.5 gallon
  • Old 300 Black Lager (black lager, 4.0% abv)
    • 7.75 gallon
    • 15.5 gallon
  • Farmhouse IPA (West Coast IPA, 6.3% abv)
    • 7.75 gallon
  • Farmhouse Copper Ale (Irish Old Ale, 6.0% abv)
    • 7.75 gallon
  • Einstein’s Craft Root Beer (crafted root beer, 0.0% abv)
    • 5.16 gallon
  • Some seasonals are available by request. If you’ve had a beer at the pub RECENTLY, let us know and we’ll see what stock we have.

Helpful Details

Keg sizes explained

Here’s a helpful way to think of the various keg sizes:

  • 15.5 gallon: the standard “full-size” keg you think of when you think “keg.” Contains 124 pints of beer per keg (or about 165 “cans” worth of beer, so almost 7 suitcases).
  • 7.75 gallon: the old pony keg, though they’re as tall as a regular keg and slimmer now instead of short and squatty. Holds exactly half of a full-size keg, so 62 pints or about 83 cans of beer.
  • 5.16 gallon: we don’t always have these, but we keep a few around for special releases and the like. Holds about 40 pints or 55 cans worth.
Serving Options

We have a few options for serving your beer.

  • Party pump: The old-school way of drinking a keg that we all remember. We supply the pump, you supply a trash can and ice (about 60 pounds is usually enough). Best for backyard and picnic-style events. Gives cousins and uncles something to manage for the night.
  • Jockey box: a portable draft beer system complete with taps and CO2. Best for indoor events, set-ups where there are bartenders/separate bar spaces, or massive amounts of beer served over time. We supply the box and CO2, you supply the ice (about 30-40 pounds is enough).
Event Venues and Planners

We love working with planners and venues, and they’re usually very happy to work with us. If you’re working with an event planner or a venue, give us their contact information and address and we can work with them directly to get our beer ready for your event.


We’re happy to get the supplies you might need to drink beer without a hitch. Need cups? Let us know. Need us to bring ice? Let us know. Want someone to hold your legs while you do a keg stand? Eh, we’ll just bring cups.

We charge a small fee to simply cover the costs of these items, but we’re happy to help give you less things to think about for the big day.